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Reasons why People Lose Interest in Sex

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"Reasons why People Lose Interest in Sex"
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Reasons why people lose interest in sex...

*Loss of Sexual Interest:

People lose interest in sex for many reasons. If it's a man who has lost interest in sex, he should have his hormones checked out to see if his testosterone level is low. This can cause a man "not" to be interested in sex and the wife is left feeling unloved and undesirable. The next thing for both men and women is to ask yourself, "Are you overweight?" If one or the other is overweight, this will rob a person of their energy and they will totally lose their sex drive because they would much rather prefer to be a "couch potato" than to have any activity whatsoever. When people are overweight, it robs them of their drive and the ability to want to work or do anything for that matter.

*Stoking the fires:

Have you and your spouse been flirting or finding time to be alone and enjoy some romance and affection in your relationship? If not, this will cause havoc in a sexual relationship. People must have flirting and sweet hugs, kisses, and plenty of foreplay to keep their sexual desires alive and active. If you both stop being compassionate in your sex life, you'll both suffer the consequences, and by the way, it can cause a relationship to end quickly because a man/woman must feel desirable and wanted in a relationship.

Do you take the time to buy your mate a bunch of flowers or a box of candy? Do the two of you take time romantic week-ends? Make a nice comment about how nice she looks or the outfit she has on makes her look desiring. Do you leave little love notes to charm him/her and make them interested in getting home from work and into your arms? Do the cuff, grab her/him and plant a big kiss on their lips and tell them how much you love them? These type things are the best ways to keep your mate interested in knowing you care for them and this can causes both parties to want to share their love and affections with them.

We must work on keeping love alive in our lives, because if we don't, a relationship will become hum-drum and there will be "no" sexual desires whatsoever in the relationship and this is what causes couples to want to search for satisfaction for something they're missing in their lives. Stop the hum-drum evenings together and think of ways to enhance your sexual desires.

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