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So you have found out that someone has decided to spread a nasty rumor about you that you know is not true. Now you are stuck wondering to your self, "What can I do about this now?" To be completely honest with you, you have several options.

Ignore it

The first thing that you can choose to do when someone has spread a rumor about you that you know is not true is to simply ignore it. If someone has been childish enough to resort to spreading rumors, why do you have to make them feel better about themselves by letting them know that they are getting to you? You know that the rumor isn't true, so why not make them squirm a little because they couldn't achieve their goal. Plus, if other people can see that rumors do not affect you, no one will have any reason to make them up about you again. While this method may not be for the faint at heart, anyone who can hold their own inside would do well with this method.

Talk to the Person

Another thing you can do if you have a rumor spread about you, is to simply talk to the person who started the rumor about you. Maybe it is someone you are close to, or maybe it is just a classmate who is jealous of you. Any way the cookie crumbles, you making a direct confrontation with whomever started the rumor can at the very least give you some insight as to why they started the rumor about you in the first place. Talking to them could also show them that you are not going to put up with their nonsense, which could prevent them from spreading more rumors about you in the future.

Spread a Rumor about Them

While this is probably the most immature way to handle the situation, it is a way that the situation can be handled. Spreading a nasty rumor about the person that started one about you will hopefully cause them a little pain which could make them think about their own actions. This situation could also backfire on you however and make your original situation even worse, so it would be the last resort that I would recommend.

While these are all solutions to the problem of rumor spreading that you yourself could do, there are other options. In the event that you had a rumor spread about you you could always go to someone else about it. Be it a friend, parent, teacher or even a hot-line, there are people out there who can help you with the emotional stress of being bullied. Not only will this help with the stress, but if you were to tell someone of authority, they also could potentially stop the problem for you.I hope this helps!

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