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Seduce Seduction how to Seduce a Man

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"Seduce Seduction how to Seduce a Man"
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Before we discuss this subject let's establish what "to seduce" really means? Does it just mean to lure a man into bed for sexual gratification? Well, that's part of it but the whole meaning is even more diabolical than that;

One meaning of "to seduce" is "to persuade to disobedience or disloyalty." That suggests that to seduce a man one must convince that man to disobey someone or something, or to be disloyal to someone. Perhaps convince that man to cheat on his wife?

A second meaning of "to seduce" is "to lead astray usually by persuasion or false promises." This is very closely related to that first definition. A married man has a path already laid out for him. He knows which direction he must go and he knows what his destination really is. If a woman were to seduce that man she would be convincing him to take a wrong turn or to go a different direction than the one he should be concentrating on. She would do this by lying to him or making promises she cannot keep.

One more definition of "to seduce", or "to carry out the physical seduction of" is "to entice to sexual intercourse." To seduce a man is to tempt him into the bed for sex, whether he should be there or not. Experience shows us that men are nototiously weak when it comes to matters of sexual intimacy. It simply does not take much for a woman to lure a man into her bed. That is where the man wants to be anyway. If you are actually going to try to convince a man to do something he really wants to do anyway, then your job will be just that much easier.

If we look at these three definitions in combination we would have a pretty negative denotation of "to seduce." What it really seems to mean is to "tempt a man, by whatever means necessary, into having sex with someone he should not be having sex with." Not a good thing at all. We men get in trouble for that sort of thing all the time.

Now the question stands; "How do I seduce a man?" The answer is simple and should be right in front of you. There is a certain mystique in being "naughty" if you know you are not supposed to be. There is that unmistakable tingle one gets in the pit of the stomach when he has done something bad and he knows it. Ladies, your first rule in seducing a man is to find something you can make him be disobedient about, and enjoy it.

It can be anything; it doesn't have to be straight to sex. This is just the beginning. Just make him be "bad" for a minute. Convince him to have a cup of coffee with you after work even though you and he both know he is supposed to be at his son's ball game with his wife. Tell him it will be OK, you just want to talk to him; you really want to know how he feels about a certain issue at work. If you are successful at this first, very simple step, you have begun to spin your evil web of seduction.

So he goes with you, has a cup of coffee and tells his wife he had to work late. Simple enough, yet naughty. On top of that he spent that time that should have been spent with his wife and/or family, with another woman; shame, shame!

If you want to continue this evil game tell him to meet you again. He will balk, but you must convince him again. Give him a sly little smile and tell him you have a surprise for him if he will meet you for coffee. Or tell him you will "make it worth his while." His heart will drop and he will have no choice but to go with you. At this time it is up to you if you will really have a surprise for him or not. To make it worth his while you could either innocently pick up the tab for the coffee or you could get real nasty and give him a wet kiss right on the lips then quickly walk out of the diner leaving him there to taste your seduction on his lips.

He will go home again with the "worked late" story. He will come to work the next day hoping to see you though. He will be waiting for you to ask him out for coffee again. Your web is nearly completely made. This time though you tell him you are far too tired to go out. Tell him you will see him at work the next day, turn to walk away, as his head drops and his shoulders slump, then turn around and brightly suggest "unless you want to come to my place?"

What an invitation. He will take you up on it; he still tastes the seductive kiss from the last time he had coffee with you. You go to your place, you put the coffee on, and it is really up to you now. You can fake a headache and ask him to rub your temples, say you are going to get more comfortable and come back with pajamas of some kind on, turn music on, you could do almost anything and he will be ready to eat out of your hand.

Men are simple ladies. We don't want what you want, we want what we want and you have it. The more clever ways you use to give it to us, the more clever ways you will seduce us. Bottom line on how to seduce a man is just keep promising and pulling away. Promise, withdraw, promise again, and withdraw again. Finally, when he is about to explode pull the old Black Widow routine on him. You have seduced him.


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