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Signs He’s a Loser

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Even fairy tales say that you may have to kiss a few frogs before you find your prince, but if your frog shows no hint that he may magically turn into a handsome knight, it may be time to move on.

Check out this list of top ten signs that your boyfriend may be a deadbeat.

You Get Looks of Sympathy from Friends and Family

If your friends and family haven’t warmed up to your boyfriend and no matter how much you try to include him in group plans they always seem to be unwilling to welcome him in, they may be sensing something that you missed. Take a second look and try to be objective about his attitude before you take their views as a personal insult.

He Can’t Seem to Keep a Job

This is a deadbeat red flag. Men who can’t hold down a job should have to have their pictures posted on a deadbeat website to warn other unsuspecting females. Now, there’s a difference between someone falling on some difficult times and a man who refuses to settle down and of course you should be able to know how to tell the two apart.

His Biggest Financial Commitment is His Drinking Habit

If he has no financial ties it may be a sign that he’s afraid to commit and that he’s still too immature for an adult relationship. Of course, if he does indeed have a drinking habit, immaturity might be the least of your worries.

He Has to Have Things His Way… Or Else

Men who demand control often have difficulty controlling their anger and can act out in some inappropriate ways. Be wary or pouters, passive aggressive emotional hijackers and violent aggressors.

He Has No Hobbies

A man that has no hobbies is a man that has the potential to be clingy.

He Has No Male Friends

Please substitute the word ‘hobbies’ above for ‘male friends’.

He Asks You to Split the Bill on a Date

When a man expects you to split the bill it’s time to get back in the game and start a fresh hunt. Equal rights are fine, except on a date.

He Forgets Your Birthday

If a man forgets your birthday, he will probably forget your anniversary. If this is fine with you then it’s a matter of personal preference.

He Doesn’t Own Clothes That Don’t Have Snarky Comments On Them

A man whose entire wardrobe consists of t-shirts with comments like ‘If you can read this, please put me back on my barstool’ might be fun to hand around with temporarily, but his clown act could get old.

He Talks Twice as Much as He Listens

When a man can’t get enough of hearing his own voice it’s a sign that he’s probably self-centered and way more into himself than he could ever be into you.

If you are familiar with most or even half of these sad traits, one can only hope that you have experienced them over years of dating several different men. If they all happen to reside in one individual… congratulations! You’ve found yourself a deadbeat!

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