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That ugly dark feeling slinks around your home, outside and at your job. Their eyes roll in their heads when they see you and it makes you feel as if you are part of a living dead movie. The cold shoulder bites and the constant disregard for anything you consider important weighs on your spirit.

You are hated.

Hatred can come in many forms and from anyone: your family, enemies, friends, and strangers alike, and for any particular reason. There are some signs available to help you know when someone genuinely hates you and these signs will enable you to make wise decisions about who you should consider as your friend.

Someone gossips about you. Anything positive you say or experience is turned around as negative. Cold shoulder treatment Jealousy

Gossiping is the worst thing to do to someone. This is a clear sign that there is no love in the picture for the both of you. When a rumor about you is picked up by you, it means it was not intended for you to hear in the first place. This was just one tactic your hater is using to spread lies and half truths to others. What better way to show you hate someone than to spread their business out without their knowing about it? Gossiping is meant to tear down a person’s character and any hope of them having a clear mind and spirit.

You can tell someone hates you when anything you do that is right or anything positive said from your mouth is looked at as dirt. For instance, in a marriage that has gone down the pipes, the wife may encourage her husband they can seek counseling, or she sends him an email that says he will do well on the job, etc. The husband may see this as the wife picking on him or her being sarcastic(that could be the case), but if you know someone is not out to hurt you why perceive them as trying to in the first place? The husband could already hate the wife and therefore anything she says will be viewed as an attack.

The cold shoulder treatment has long been one way of tuning out those you used to love. Cold shoulder means that you ignore that person and anything else that involves the person. If your best friend works with you and you two had a fall out some time ago, do not expect him or her to come by your desk anymore or answer the phone when you call. The cold shoulder may involve rolling of the eyes, brushing past you with acknowledging your presence and simply staying away from you.

Unfortunately, hate can take on a different form. Jealousy. Anything you do is envied and hated. This person may try and compete with you by dressing like you, acting like you, and even taking your boyfriend/girlfriend away from you. The first sign of jealousy is when you know for sure you never wronged a person but they constantly argue with you about what you have and what they lack. Sometimes it is not so obvious a person is jealous. If you get married first, they may stop calling you, coming by, and form their own circle of friends and could pick fights with you for no reason. They are mad at your life choices and hate you for it.

How do you deal with someone who hates you? Two ways: Ask them why they hate you to begin with. Some forms of hate are just pure forms of jealousy or the person hates their own life. Second, stay away from them. Some people are born haters or “made” haters and there is nothing you can say to them to change their minds. Save your spirit from their poison. Leave them alone.

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