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Signs that your Man Loves you

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"Signs that your Man Loves you"
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When a man loves you it will be glaringly obvious to you. You will have no need to look at a check-list to see. Looking at check-lists will only be there for you to look at and laugh at because every sign you see written about will probably be exhibited by your guy. If you are looking at a checklist to convince yourself that your man loves you then unfortunately it is not to be. If your man exhibits some of the signs, he may like you but he isn't in love with you.

Men in love go a bit crazy. Actually they just don't leave you alone. You will have no time to question whether they love you because you will be so busy being inundated with their constant phone calls, text messages and of course, visits in person! Every chance they have to be with you they will be! If they can snatch 5 minutes on their lunch break to talk to you then they will do.

Also men in love just can't help telling you. They tell you how proud they are of you. They tell you how relaxed you make them feel. They tell you this at any time of the day, even when you are doing the mundane of household tasks, not just when they are in bed with you. You are the one and they never ever compare you to anyone else. Of course all men do look discreetly at other women but the one who loves you makes sure that you know that you are the sexiest woman around and in his eyes always will be.

A man who loves you just can't help being tactile around you. Its any excuse to hug you, tickle you, caress you. The relationship is just so physical and he wants to make love to you whenever he can. He wants to please you physically and make you happy.

When your man loves you, notice how he listens to you. He hangs on to your every word. He constantly encourages you as you talk and reassures you. He gives you eye-contact and when he looks at you he is slightly dreamy and his eyes are softer than when you first met.

The man that loves you will very rarely let you down or disappoint you. If he says he will meet you at a certain time he will do. He will always return your calls and be there for you.

The problem with looking into signs of love is that a crafty cad can try to imitate the verbal and physical aspects of loving you mainly as a means of sexual conquest or using you. So only take the verbal and physical signs of a man loving you seriously if he backs up what he says with loving actions. When you are ill does he go out and buy cough remedy for you? When you suddenly come on a period will he go out and buy sanitary towels for you? Does he massage your back if you have period pains. Basically does he go out of his way and do things he doesn't really want to do? If he does, its a sure sign that he loves you above any other sign.

If he loves you, he will have shown you to his family and friends. Also you will come first in his life. If you are with him and his friend calls to ask him out, he will politely refuse because he prefers to be with you.

Finally does he also put his money where his mouth is? Does he buy you presents and flowers. does he take you on holiday? His willingness to share his money with you, unless he is superbly rich and has money to burn, shows that you are an important part in his life.

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