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Signs that your Spouse is being Unfaithful

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"Signs that your Spouse is being Unfaithful"
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The warning signs of a cheating spouse are generally the same for women and men. Although no two people are alike, when it comes to cheaters they have a lot in common. If you think that your spouse has been unfaithful but you are still not sure - check out the following tips for signs of infidelity.

#1. The Interest Factor: This can go one of two ways; either your spouse is being excessively nice and attentive (to try and cover up their guilt) or they act like you are the most boring person on the planet. They lose interest in everything you used to do together with family or friends and suddenly begin spending more time on their own.

#2. The Mystery Caller: The classic hang ups when you unexpectedly answer the phone, blocked Id's and numbers and names you don't recognize are all tell tale signs that your spouse has a secret. You may want to check out the cell phone bill for repeated and unexplained numbers.

#3. Bedroom Blues: Feeling rejected and and abandoned in the bedroom? Are the words "I love you" being said less often? Changes in your sex life and intimacy levels is a huge warning sign. You may notice that your sex life has dwindled away to nothing. On the other hand you may discover your partner suddenly has a kinky side that you were never aware of and is now asking you to do things you aren't comfortable with.

#4. Too Sexy For My Jeans: Is your spouse suddenly preoccupied with their personal appearance? New hairstyles, colognes, perfume, clothing or underwear may be signal that they are trying to catch someone's attention. They may spend a lot of time grooming or suddenly start going to the gym. Either way, when they start spending more and more time with the mirror just to go to the grocery have to wonder.

#5. Alien Abduction: Does your spouse go missing for hours and then give you excuses that don't add up? Unexplained time away that occurs again and again is definitely suspicious behavior. One of the most common excuses is "I have to work late" and yet the paycheck gets no larger. Long lunches, unplanned meetings, not answering the cell phone and suddenly having to go somewhere may be signs that your partner has another love interest.

#6. You've Got Mail: Is your spouse spending more time on-line? Do they suddenly log out of their email account when you walk into the room? They may set up new email accounts that you know nothing about. A quick check of the history should enable you to get a fair idea of what on-line habits your spouse has developed.

Of course not all signs are obvious but the longer you are with someone the more you understand them and their habits. Any sudden changes in behavior can be signs of cheating but you must rule out all reasonable explanations first. Once you have done that if you still have a gut feeling that something is not right...chances are they're not. Our minds may want to deny the facts but our hearts know.

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