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Signs your Husband is no Longer Interested in you

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"Signs your Husband is no Longer Interested in you"
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Signs your husband is no longer interested in you...

I believe when your husband is no longer interested in you is because you are no longer showing them attention and providing them enough of your tender love. They take you for grant and they know your every move and they want something that is going to excite and cause them to become aroused. They do not see you as the sexy, lovely woman they married five years ago. They come home to the same old mundane situation every night and they never find you to be exciting or mysterious anymore. There you sit in your old jeans and your hair pulled back in a pony tail and with no make-up on looking sad faced. They begin to have these roving eyes where they find every woman they see, except you, as sexy, interesting, mysterious, or thoughts of what it would be like to be married to someone different.

A man who is losing interest in you could be one who is stopping by happy hour or going out with the gang and you are never included. They always have an excuse when you want them to take you out somewhere. Are you scratching your head and wondering how all of this went on the blink so fast? Watch out ladies when this's only a matter of time until they'll be into another relationship with another woman. You have to go into full crisis mode and start taking some drastic actions to turn him around. You need to start with a new hair style and work it down to the tip of your toes. Get you a new wardrobe and pitch away the old one. Cut out the mundane evenings of doing the same old thing every night. When he comes home, be dressed to the hilt and look like another woman, the one he fell in love with years ago. Plan activities that you know he likes and at least do a couple of these a during the week and maybe one or two on the week-ends. Show him love and attention to keep him interested in you only.

Start planning an exciting night out for the two of you for dinner, dancing, and have a romantic evening planned once you have returned home. Plan something totally different, new perfume, shower for two, a trip for the two of you to a spa, a night at an exquisite hotel with candle light dinner for two in your room, etc. Keep him guessing and wondering just what you are up to and why all the change?

You also have to watch out when you husband automatically starts going on trips without you and out for the night without you. This is the danger zone and you had better open your eyes and start fixing yourself up and be the woman he first met. Turn that personality around and show him another side of you. Men love change and they love their woman to be attractive, mysterious, and desire-able.

If nothing you do, captures his heart...let him go he's not worth it and he'll never be happy with you regardless of what you do.

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