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Soul Mates Twin Flames Kindred Spirits

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"Soul Mates Twin Flames Kindred Spirits"
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The term "soul mate" used to describe a person to whom one feels kindred. The term  "soul mate" is often confused with the term "twin flame". Both of these concepts are are rooted in past belief systems but have become new age concepts. There exists both new and old  theories behind the terms, all differing according to religion or personal belief. Soul mates can be  synonomus with an old term, "kindred spirits".

 In one theory, these are the souls inside of new bodies that your soul has had some sort of close contact with in a past life. A soul mate could have been a past lover, family member, or friend.  At some point in our lives we are fortunate enough to have met at least one person who seems to know us from the inside out. Likewise, we know them on a deeper level. The bonding is almost instant. Strangers become best friends or lovers in a matter of seconds. This differs from the traditional way of forming a relationship, in which a couple meet and over time, find that they have things in common develop a strong love for each other.

Often those who do not even believe in reincarnation believe in the idea of a soul mate. Many of us have yearned for one.  Meeting a soul mate can make your life complete. Perhaps you were always looking for that person, although you didn't know it. You'd searched all of your life, and  although you'd had moments of doubt, you couldn't shake the feeling that something was missing, You knew someone would cross your lifes' path who would change it forever. They would know you and your moods and even respect them. Not only would your secrets be safe, but so would your physical and emotional safety. Soul mates have relationship issues like everyone else, but they are quick to overlook them or work through them. They aren't easy to "let go". In theory, the souls of people have waited hundreds of years to meet up with a past love. Once they find it again, they aren't quick to let it go. Simply put, a soul mate connection is a true love connection.

The Twin Flames concept seems easy enough to understand, but is an enigma at best. Few people ever meet their twin flame, and many who have wish they hadn't. A meeting between twin flames can be rather intense the two souls either meet,  become instantly attached to each other and begin an obsessive relationship.

 Contrarily, they can have an automatic aversion to each other. The theory formulated to explain the twin flame phenomenon states that at some point one soul has split into two and gone into different bodies which have gone into different lives. Twin Flames who meet often report a feeling of having found the half of them that had been missing. According to theories, they have actually found the other half. This theory is harder to grasp and often leaves us with more questions in the long run. Whats certain about meeting your twin flame is that your life will never be the same. The person will never leave your mind.  You will never be able to escape the person entirely. Metaphysically speaking, those two souls recognise each other, and want to be complete again. It is the only way the deprived souls can heal.

The physical bodies may have something else in mind. Sometimes logic attempts to kick in. In this case the person realises  that they lack  the emotional capacity to handle the stress of knowing the other flame.  The intensity can be too much to bare and confusing to anyone at any stage of life. The mind also knows that obsessing about a person is emotionally unhealthy, so we move towards eliminating the problem by moving away from the flame.

If twin flames decide to work through the negative aspects of their union they can discover many positive aspects and have a beautiful and fullfilling life long relationship. 

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