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Ten Reasons why People are Afraid to Commit

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"Ten Reasons why People are Afraid to Commit"
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Relationships are not easy. However, they're a pleasure to be in, sometimes it can be scary for some people. Therefore, many might avoid commitment altogether.  Here are some of the reasons some people avoid commitments.

1. The fear of a relationship failing or they are not sure they truly want to be in the relationship, is one reason someone  avoids commitment, with the divorce rate skyrocketing, there can be plenty of reason not to commit, if that is what you fear.

2. Sometimes it can be a financial problem that keeps a couple from commiting. When money becomes the deciding factor between you and your partner, it can put a halt on a blooming relationship, if the couple allows it.

3. Past failed relationships can stop someone from committing, If your partner has been in a serious relationship, but the relationship failed, most likely that can take the desire for commitment away.

4. Family and friends can interfer, when your partner let others like family and friends talk him or her out of a commitment with you, there will be a problem in your relationship with your partner if he or she is letting family and friends change his or her mind.

5. Career and School could keep a commitment from happening, and there is nothing wrong with someone wanting their ducks in a row before making a final leap into a serious commitment like living together or especially marriage.

6. Children can be another reason for a person being afraid of commitment, if someone is not ready to start a family, they will shy away from commitment. They know that it is possible for children to soon follow after a commitment.

6. Not having the freedom of being single can paralyze someones reasoning when it comes to a commited relationship. If you're used to having a different date every Friday night and you're not tied down to one person. Being commited is not your style.

7. Responsibility, you have to be dedicated and responsible to have a commitment and that can detour any person afraid of commitment.

8. afraid of becoming like your parents, some people look at commitment as becoming old, They don't want to become like their parents, they might feel like their young years are going to be behind them.

9. Sometimes it could be that a person is afraid of what their single friends might think, or they feel as though they will not have anything in common with their friends anymore. Visualizing helping the wife hang curtains, changing the babies diapers, or watching the hubby eating chips and watching television like Al Bundy on the television program " married with children," does not amuse many who are afraid to commit

10. Perhaps some believe the theory, that sex stops or isn't that often anymore when you're in a committed relationship, Although it can be possible with some people. However, if you're still with the one that knocked your socks of in the beginning of the relationship, chances are, you'll still have sex with your partner, if the love and attraction is still alive.

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to decide when to commit, If you find someone you love being with, commit.


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