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The Benefits of Mens Cologne the Scent of a Sexy Man can Drive a Woman Wild

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"The Benefits of Mens Cologne the Scent of a Sexy Man can Drive a Woman Wild"
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Women are naturally endowed with a keener sense of smell than men, and the scent of a sexy man can make a woman swoon. Scent is a powerful and often underrated magnet that attracts the opposite sex, and its biological role in mating is not entirely understood. However, certain scents are known to trigger neurochemicals in the brain, creating psychological and physiological responses, some of which stimulate sexual responses.

Humans even naturally produce their own sexy scent called sex pheromones, odourless, invisible secretions present in sweat and body odour which are invisible attractors to the opposite sex.

Since our hygienic, squeaky-clean culture routinely removes all traces of body odour, along with sex pheromones in the process, what sort of cleverly chosen (and very sparingly applied) cologne should a man use to wow women?

One that contains very subtle and light notes of legendary and folkloric aphrodisiacs.

Aphrodisiacs, the term originating from the Greek goddess of love, Aphrodite, are substances reputed to heighten libido, attract attention and accentuate arousal through touch, taste, and most importantly, smell.

And thankfully for men, many female-attracting aphrodisiacs are present in men's colognes. The careful selection and light application of certain odours can drive women wild.

Cinnamon is an edible spice used historically in ancient Egyptian embalming procedures, and was also burned during cremation ceremonies in ancient Roman funerals. A reputed aphrodisiac, cinnamon was used by Queen Sheba to seduce King Solomon when she visited him in the Biblical Book of Kings. The scent of cinnamon has long been known to generate sexual arousal and heighten feelings of excitement. Its sweet, spicy fragrance can stimulate chemical receptors that elevate physical AND sexual appetites. Cinnamon oil is often used in erotic massage oil to heat and improve circulation in the erogenous zones.

Some cinnamon infused scents for men to try? Gentlemen by Givenchy, Lacoste Pour Homme and Burberry London for Men.

Musk is the secretion of a gland in a species of male deer, and its similarity to human male pheromones is known to stimulate females. Musk is also present in male sweat and linked to the hormone testosterone, perhaps explaining why the smell of sweaty men can send some women over the climactic cliff. In ancient Egypt, couples would know whether or not a woman was ovulating by her sexual responses to the scent of musk oil.* A woman's keen detection of musk is also linked to mating both in the animal and plant kingdoms.

Male colognes like Cool Water by Davidoff, Versace Man Eau Fraiche, Prada for Men, and Le Male by Jean Paul Gaultier include musky notes.

An essential oil used in modern aromatherapy and Tantric sex techniques in ancient India, the aroma of patchouli oil is supposed to re-awaken raw sexual energy by affecting and super-charging the nervous system. While many males are not drawn to the scent of patchouli oil, women are often drawn to the perfume of patchouli, since it resembles the musky notes of natural male pheromones.

Patchouli-oiled odours include Polo Black by Ralph Lauren, Aqua Elements by Hugo Boss, and Euphoria by Calvin Klein.

An outstanding aphrodisiac, sandalwood's aroma resembles a chemical called andosterone, which is secreted from the underarm of human males. According to scientific studies, women subconsciously link light whiffs of sandalwood with andosterone, thus elevating sexual desire and attraction.* Inhaling sandalwood is also historically known to relax the mind, ease inhibition and promote sexual enjoyment.

Looking for sandalwoody scents to apply? Try Fahrenheit by Christian Dior, Emporio Armani for Him and Dolce and Gabbana for Men.

Other known sexually stimulating notes commonly infused in male colognes include:

- ylang ylang
- myrrh
- geranium
- clary sage
- vanilla
- jasmine

Still have trouble believing that male cologne can drive women wild?

Research sponsored by the Olfactory Research Fund and conducted by researchers at Indiana University studied the effects of male fragrance on women's sexual arousal.

In a study of 33 women between ages 19 and 45, researchers found that women who smelled a male cologne while fantasizing about sexual experiences reported themselves more sexually aroused than during exposure to either a women's cologne or a neutral odor. (

In addition, studies in 1998 and 2006, by Alan Hirsch of The Smell & Taste Treatment Research Foundation reported that:

-women found some aromas sexually stimulating, while others actually shut down blood flow to erogenous areas

-ovulating women prefer the smell of musky, "dominant men"

There is a definite mysterious link between sexuality and scent that is still being explored by the scientific community. While some heavily applied, synthetic colognes can make women sneeze and wheeze, other aphrodisiac-charged, sexy ones can potentially drive women delirious with desire.


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