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The Duties of a Prom Queen

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"The Duties of a Prom Queen"
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Becoming prom queen is a committed, exhaustive process that takes long hours and lots of hard work. You have to know how to be friends with everyone and you should be socially connected in your school. If you are outgoing, fun and can talk to just about anyone and remember their names, you may be your school's next prom queen.

There are so many ways to become prom queen but the best way to is to be well rounded. Hold your head up high and act like you already won the title. You should be cool and liked by everyone but not be too overbearing. You want to be like by most of the cliques at school so you need to know how to make your rounds and include everyone.

You should be in after school activities and this will help get your name out there. Things such as cheer leading, booster clubs or helping with fund raising, will end up helping you. You want to be in a variety of clubs and not just stick to one group, such as sports. You want to show your classmates and your community that you care overall and you want to make the world a better place. You also might want to seek activities outside of the school too, such as volunteering at an animal shelter. You want everyone to know that you care, but do not turn into a goody goody that people will dislike.

You also want to have future goals for yourself. Start applying to colleges and keep your grades up while you participate in your extracurricular activities. Make goals for short term and long term and be serious about them and let others know you are too.

Be cool and kind throughout the whole process. Do not get too competitive or else hair pulling and cat fights may arise from this and that is the last thing you want against your reputation. Just treat everyone with respect and know that they are doing the same to you and that all of you want this so very much but only one can be the winner.

You want to start campaigning early and let people know that you are one person and you may not have had time to join all the clubs this year but in the past you were a member and that you care greatly about everything, but you had to rotate clubs in order to keep your schedule up and still be able to fit in studying time so your grades did not suffer.

You will need the help of friends and family to get your name out there and to help you campaign. You are going to need posters and slogans, so have a party one night and get to work on doing these things. You should have a list of things that you will need and need to do and check them off as you go along to make sure that you did not forget anything.

When you are selected as prom queen, your hard work and campaigning pays off! Your work is still not over yet. You may or will be asked to help work on and set up prom. Attend special functions or sports games and offer advice to others who want to gain the same respect as you have.

Even though being prom queen is lots of fun and such an honor, remember that you do have other duties, such as homework, maintaining grades, and keeping in tune to your family. These are not things that you can blow off, because they are and what will help you make or break your future. A crown will not always do that.

Just remember to have fun and always be happy, no matter what the outcome because you know that you put your best foot forward and showed alot of effort but it just was not your time.

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