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The Harmful Effect of Words

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"The Harmful Effect of Words"
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Getting punched in the face left a huge bruise on your cheek bone. The bruise went away with time. After it was long gone and forgotten, the memory of words exchanged forever burns inside.

Words challenge a person's thinking, beliefs, actions, and more in the present and future. You can't change the past. What has happened, cannot be undone or unsaid. Words can hurt a person. For people who already have low self-esteem, words are like daggers through their heart. This can cause them much anger, resentment, fear, sadness, depression, and many other feelings. Some become quite secluded and avoid confrontation with anyone. Some, remain upset and use harmful words to justify what was said to them. Suicide, in some cases, has been the end result for those who just could not figure out and deal with words.

Some people never let words bother them. Well, they act like they don't. It is impossible to walk away and just forget immediately. There is the mental conversation in one's head. Contemplating what was said throughout the conversation to bring on such hurtful words. This person has high self-esteem. He/she takes on what was said, weeds through the unnecessary jargon, and looks at more positive aspects out of it all.

People have a hard time dealing with words people have said to them. It is not easy when you are not sure if they were said out of anger, frustration, confusion, love, care, or understanding. Sometimes, further questioning is necessary to get the bigger picture.

There are people who actually believe their words are golden. They believe everything they say is right. Having no regard for others emotions or feelings, the continue on. Being so content with themselves, they do not believe they are saying anything harmful. They tell a person wearing their dead grandma's sweater, "Hey, you should get that hemmed. Buy a new one, that one is too old and outdated." They were never asked an opinion in the first place. They believe they are making a good suggestion. The person wearing the sweater is hurt and upset. Left feeling self-conscious about what they are wearing that day.

Words are just words. No, they have definition. They have clarity or confusion. Words determine peace or war. They justify life and death. Words can be loving or harmful. The only thing each person needs to do is, think before they speak.

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