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The Male Tendancy to Childish Behavior

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"The Male Tendancy to Childish Behavior"
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That is a question that seems to be loaded. As for me being a man and answering this question, I'm sure I am setting myself up for disaster. But on the other hand, who should have a better reason for why men are babies than a man.

I have opinions on both sides of the situation. Men are babies when it comes to certain things. Why men are babies usually stems from what women perceive as being babies. By this I'm saying that a man is so simple minded that women will tend to confuse the men with going into detail about little things. Details like wanting a man to understand the concept that men can read what is on the woman's mind. Did you women forget that men are simple minded and like things in plain English? Men like things laid out in front of them so they can decipher the facts not the idea that is in the woman's head.

There are several things that make women think men are babies. Here are some of those reasons.

1. When a man has been working all day long and comes home, the last thing he wants to do is figure out what is on the woman's mind. Just come out and tell the men what it is and not play games. Nothing will make a man become a baby like playing baby games with women.

2. Next is women love to hold out sex to get what they want. You here this is all women especially when there are a crowd of people. That is the women's line of defense is to tell her man that she is cutting him off of sex. Men know that women can go without sex longer than men so they will use that against them. That may be alright for a while but this can lead a man to cheating so think about that before you use this against men.

3. Finally I see women all the time and have heard several of them actually confess that when they finally get their man into a marriage or steady relationship they don't have to do as much for them as they did when they were dating. This will make men babies because women are falsely advertising the product. Like I said before, men want things laid out in the open. If you were not going to do those things in the first place, then you shouldn't have said you would.

Like I was saying, men are simple minded humans. If women want men to not be babies, then they shouldn't play baby games. Lay it all out in the open and be straight to the point and men will less likely act like a baby.

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