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The Metrosexual Man Versus the Cowboy what do Women want – The Cowboy

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"The Metrosexual Man Versus the Cowboy what do Women want - The Cowboy"
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The stereotypical Cowboy is far more attractive than a Metrosexual man, at least for most women. While most women could appreciate the meticulous appearance and impeccable taste that metro's are renowned for, when the tire blows out in the middle of rush hour traffic, somehow that Armani suit and Prada shoes aren't as impressive as a Cowboy pulling up in his dirt-caked Jeep, wielding a tire iron and the know how it takes to operate the tool.

Don't fear, metro, you have your place! You are fantastic arm candy for any number of social occasions, clubbing, and certainly you are a top notch date for a class reunion. There's something to be said for a man who can dress his woman better than she can dress herself. But in the end, the metrosexual male falls short. It's not the metro's fault. He was only doing what he does, which is dressing impeccably, coiffing flawlessly, and making superficial but engaging conversation. But when it comes to the tangibility of a meaningful relationship, metro's are a bit like cotton candy. So pretty, probably tastes pretty good, but so empty. In fact the shelf life of a metrosexual male should last no longer than 12-18 months. Beyond that, a metro can become an object of ridicule, scorn even. But the cowboy, he has staying power.

Deny it though they may, women like the certain unrefined crustiness that is the embodiment of man. Women like to dress well, and relish in the knowledge that the handsome man at their side can't put a matching outfit together by himself since Garanimals went defunct. It's a bit of healthy possessiveness, knowing he needs directing. And when it comes to the physical aspect, women who like men, want a man to take charge in the bedroom, not someone who is preening and wondering if he should have done those dozen extra crunches this morning now that he is faced with disrobing. A woman would much rather hear a hearty "YEEEEEEEE-HAW" than, "Does it look like I'm getting a love handle? I swear I shouldn't have had that Frappaccino! I'm soooooo naughty!"

We have Metro's to thank for proving that men can be heterosexual and have good taste. But we have Cowboys to thank for making women feel like women!

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