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The Negative Effects of Pornography on a Relationship

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"The Negative Effects of Pornography on a Relationship"
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Pornography can have a number of negative effects on a relationship. For starters, it can go beyond healthy sexual curiosity in a relationship, allowing a couple that has basically become sexual dysfunctional to the point that it needs constant outside sexual stimulation, ie pornography, to be able to perform sexually. Many couples innocently enough start watching porn to create a sexually-charged atmosphere during their lovemaking, in hopes of enhancing it and adding to the ambiance of their sexual activities. But over stimulation by pornography can lead to such bad sexual dysfunction (after all the couple is so used to watching porn) that normal arousal is harder to achieve and a form of sexual dysfunction sets in.

Many couples rent or download porn as part and parcel of their lovemaking. A great many do not have any issues with it, but some may...and an over reliance of porn can cause less and less stimulation from their own nudity and sexual acts. This can happen in the worst of relationships to the best-the outside stimuli can become so intense that almost obsessive behavior in the watching of pornographic imagery. A constant need for such stimuli can even lead to huge problems for the relationship, as one or the their partner may also seek outside sexual gratification-not feeling that they are getting enough in the regular relationship.

Not only can their be cheating, but downright chicanery eeriely reminiscent of the very same sexual imagery downoaded, rented or bought. Also, there may end up being far more depraved sexual acts later, as one line is crossed after another. One must also remember that it is also a form of cheating to view in the first place. So it should be rationed out and viewed carefully.

.Sexual addiction can also become one or the other partner's problem, causing viewing of intensely erotic imagery, and sexual self-gratification with or without a partner present in the bedroom. There have been many documented cases of husbands and wives becoming so sexually addicted that they downloaded porn at work at home, sexually gratifying themselves in public places. With many cases of sexual addiction on the rise in relationships, porn has definitely had a negative effect on these relationships, even if it was indirectly linked. Sexual addiction is just as real and self-destructive as alcoholism, drug abuse and other forms of serious addiction requiring counselling, treatment and therapy.

In relationships, porn can sometimes even lead to the disintegration of the relationship. With the level of commitment to the relationship ebbing back and forth through sexual changes and variances, some couples may not even view it as worth fighting for anymore and break-up. Yes, fun to watch when one partner is seducing the other, or during the act, but something that may also have dangerous connotations for the relationship at large. It's something that should be viewed with that in mind.

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