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Things a Father should do with his Daughter

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"Things a Father should do with his Daughter"
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There are many things a father should do with his daughters as they grow up. The most important thing he can and should do is show them, by word and deed, that they will always be safe in his care. They need to know he will not display any type of inappropriate behavior that would harm them physically, or scar them emotionally. By respecting his daughter, a father teaches her to respect herself. Self-respect during the formative years tends to stay with a girl. She will be more prone to make wise decisions as she heads into puberty and beyond.

It is vital that a father show his daughter she is important to him. Yes, new clothes are nice; so is eating out or being given a little spending money here and there, but it is the little things a girl will remember. Did daddy like the picture she drew just for him? Did he take time to listen when she wanted to talk? Sometimes little girls like to twirl. Was daddy a willing partner?

Children need to learn how to handle finances. The father is in a great position to do this. Even if the family cannot afford to give their child an allowance, they can still teach them about money. For example, suppose your daughter wants a new pair of shoes. She may not need them, but she wants them. What a perfect opportunity to teach her the value of a dollar. If she is too young to work outside the home, why not let her earn some of your extra pocket change? It will add up. Perhaps you could have her take over the job of dusting the living room for a couple of weeks. By placing change under objects such as lamps, knick-knacks, or books you not only teach her how to earn money, but also how to do the job properly. She will be delighted to find change as she picks up the objects she is cleaning. Then, as they days go by her father can point out various places advertising shoes for sale. He can help her set the goal of purchasing the best pair of shoes she can find for the amount of money she is willing to spend.

A father should teach his daughter to be responsible. She may be cute; the apple of his eye, but what good is that if she is never held accountable for her actions?

Manners are another thing a father can teach his daughter. He has a larger influence here than he may realize. Suppose all he does is criticize, and yell at his wife. His daughter will eventually find herself an abusive husband. Is this the goal he has for his little girl? I hope not. On the other hand, if he treats his wife and family as he prefers to be treated, he shows his daughter he loves them enough to be polite. I have seen girls whose fathers open doors for their mother as well as them. They, in turn, thank their dad. The same type of dad holds doors open for others as well. By deed he shows his daughter that she should be polite.

The paternal influence is also a major part of a daughter's character. Daily she sees her father head out to work. I'm sure there are men who may not care for their jobs, but it pays enough to support the family, so they go. Men have more of a tendency to go to work even when they are ill. This is character. This shows a daughter to do the right thing, even if she does not feel like it. Religion is another thing a father teaches his children. They influence where their daughters will choose to worship as they mature, and have families of their own.

Every girl needs a hero. That hero can, and should be her father.

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