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Things not to do when you want a Man to Commit

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"Things not to do when you want a Man to Commit"
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If you want a man to commit, the last thing you should do is push your want for commitment!

There is nothing worse than a woman pushing her man for commitment. If you have to push then it is obvious he is not ready or willing to do so. This creates tension and if anything will only make him commit less to you.

Giving an ultimatum is also another form of pushing by attaching a threat behind the decision. You better commit or else I am leaving. If you do not commit then I will find someone else who will commit. These threats will not make your man want to commit to you more. If anything he will be the one who will find someone else who does not pressure him.

Committing in a relationship is because two people want to commit to one another. This happens naturally and can not be forced. Forcing the issue takes the good feelings away in the relationship that you have built. Just because the woman may feel the need for more commitment this does not signify forcing your man into a commitment.

Most men do not like to be told what to do, unless of course they are more of a submissive nature. When you are telling him what to do with hope that he will commit to you this will turn around and bite you the wrong way.

Some women feel that making a man jealous by flirting with another, hoping that their man will fall into fear mode and commit, does not work either. This only destroys trust and makes them even more leery on committing to you.

The old saying of, men are from mars and women are from venus stands true. Men and women think differently from one another. So if you think you have a theory on how to make your man commit by doing something out of the norm, you should think twice about your plan because this in the end could leave you single!

Let things happen on their own, your man is with you because he wants to be with you. This is the seed of the relationship that through time grows. Let it flourish on its own without pressure. What is meant to be will happen on its own without you adding extra fertilizer to the situation that can only burn the growth!

Understand that commitment in a relationship happens on its own. There is no desire to be any others and you are fulfilled with the relationship you have. If your man were to lay demands and expectations on you to force you into something you may not be ready for, would this put you in a comfortable place? No, you would probably prefer to go at your own pace.

Men have their own pace when it comes to commitment. Let them be men and take their time. If it is meant to be, it will happen, and not from being forced to do so.

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