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Tips for Revitalizing a Boring Sex Life

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"Tips for Revitalizing a Boring Sex Life"
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Life seems to take over and often we find ourselves in a boring sex life. It could be that it is the same every time. It could be that there isn't enough of it. Whatever the reason there are lots of ways to help revitalize your sex life. You can have an exciting, sexy, and steamy relationship again.

There are lots of things that hinder romance. Life, bills, kids, work. All of these things can make it hard to squeeze in "us" time. But us time is a hard thing to let go. Romance is often a vital part of a relationship and it can help light the passionate fires of a good sex life again.

You have lots of options for romance. It doesn't take a lot of time or energy. Go out to dinner. Or stay in. Do something just the two of you with the idea of having a nice romantic night. Make it a stress free night. Don't talk about any problems, don't mention your kids, parents, or other family members, don't mention or bring up finances, or things in your relationship that are bothering you. Simply enjoy being together.

Spice it Up.
Try a new location. Get a fancy outfit. Add candles. Change positions. Do something new. Be willing to try something new and you can go from there. Take the time to do it a little differently. New positions are a lot of fun and you have a lot of options. If this is an area that concerns you get an instructional book or movie. That will help teach you some varied options and change it up.

Talk About it.
This is one of those things that is easier for some couples then others. Some people were raised where this wasn't an open topic for discussion. However, if this is an area of your life that needs to be revitalized it is best if you talk about how you feel, why you feel that way and what you would like to see happen. You will probably be surprised. If you are unhappy with your sex life, your partner probably is as well.

Change the Time.
Often sex is one of those things that is expected as you climb in bed. It has been a long, stressful day and it often feels like one more chore in the long list of chores that you have to get done. So, change the time. Get up in the morning and shower together finishing with some good sex. Or have a quickie at lunch time. Changing the time you have sex can make it less like a chore and more like an adventure. It is also wonderful when you are often tired at night. This way you can do it after you have rested well and are ready to spend some energy.

Often we are taught that a boring sex life happens to us as we age and there is nothing we can do. However, it doesn't have to be this way. With a little work, a little talk, a little us time, and a few changes you could be having great sex again in no time.

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