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Top Reasons why Women Pick the Wrong Guy

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"Top Reasons why Women Pick the Wrong Guy"
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Top reasons why women pick the wrong guy

The reason why some women pick the wrong guy to be in their lives could be many. However, the obvious are always there. There are many good men in the world, but for some women who have waited most of their lives for him to materialize in her life seems like a waste of her precious time; so in many situations a woman has come to terms that she must settle for whatever kind of man who comes along just for the sake of being in a relationship.

She is tired of seeing all of her girlfriends happily married while she is still single. Many times a woman will not consider the fact that the guy she just met who told her he's divorced because his ex told everyone he hit her, is truly an abusive man. She might believe every word this man says; just to have a man in her life.

There are women who pick a man she feels can provide for her and she can raise a family with all because her biological clock is ticking away, she feels as though she is getting older and has to start a family quickly. She will take any man who says "I do." so that her dreams will be fulfilled; when in reality this marriage will not work for her, because this is a man she is only settling for.

Women who repeat a pattern of dating the same kinds of bad men over and over again can't seem to break the cycle especially when they see their friends and women in their families repeating the same mistakes. Another reason is some women who have come from a childhood where their fathers were missing from their lives tend to be on a quest to find a man to fill that void and they end up with men who are abusive or emotionally unavailable.

Some women think they can make a bad man good or feel that they can make a man who doesn't love them fall madly in love with her. She may not understand that it is impossible to change someones toxic characteristics, in fact trying to change a man will only make him worse.

The bad boy type always gets the girls and there are some women who would rather date a man who is controlling and creating all sorts of negative drama in her life instead of being with a good guy whose easy to get along with and have good morals and respect for women.

In order for a woman to break this pattern of picking the wrong types of men; she needs to take some time for herself to learn how to love herself, determine what is appropriate and acceptable when it comes to picking a good man and what will make her happy; and then apply it to her dating life.

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