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Understanding a Guys Body Language

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"Understanding a Guys Body Language"
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Women often complain that men find it hard to communicate, but if you look at a man's body language, you'll be able to read his mind in time. With this in mind, here is a list of clues as to what your guy is really saying to you.

1. His arms are crossed:

If he crosses his arms when listening to you, he's most likely feeling defensive. When his body language says, "I don't want to listen," it might be time to allow him some distance.

2. Wandering eyes:

If his eyes seem to wander around when you talk to him, he might be saying that he's bored with whatever you're talking about. It could also be true that he's thinking of someone other than you. The best way a guy can say, "I'm bored with you," is when his eyes wander away from you and to someone new.

3. Standing up to talk:

If he stands over you when speaking to you, it could be that he's trying to control you. It's best to communicate eye to eye if you can, but if he always stands to talk down to you, then maybe you should find another guy to talk to.

4. When he's fidgety:

If he can't sit still and squirms around, he might be trying to say, "I need to be free and run away." Guys have a hard time saying good bye, so they use other ways. It's wise to see the signs that he's running away, ahead of time.

5. His eyes turn up to look at the sky:

This probably means that the guy is telling a lie. Does he look up to the sky every time you ask him, "Why?" Guys just hate it when you ask questions of them, so if he looks up to the sky, you might try another way to get the truth out of him.

6. A void expression:

This means the guy's mind is somewhere else. Don't even try to communicate with a guy who has a void expression. It doesn't mean he's clueless. It only means that he doesn't care about the conversation.

7. He makes a fist when he's trying to make a point:

This usually means he's mean and trying to hide his mean side. Any guy who makes a fist when he talks to you is a wise guy who'll be thinking of abusing you.

8. His arms rest on his knees and his head bows down to the ground:

This means he's thinking, so don't interrupt his thoughts if he hides his eyes from you. This body position usually means he'd deeply thinking, which is exactly what you want him to do.

9. Chest out and shoulders back:

This may otherwise be called, "The Gorilla stance." It means he's taking a stand and making a command. Don't mess with the guy who throws his shoulders back to push out his chest. It always means, "Watch out." It's a territorial thing that means, "Don't mess with me."

10. Holding onto his head:

If he uses both hands to hold onto his head, it usually means that you are driving him insane. His mind is confused and s pinning around by what you are trying to communicate, so it's his way of keeping his head in place.

I hope this list of ten things men do to say what they can't say to you is helpful, but there's one more that I almost left out.

11. When he reaches out:
If he reaches out to take your hand, it means you are communicating well with him. When he reaches out to hold you close, you can assume he's communicating his love for you, so communicating with men can be easy if you learn to read their body language instead of depending on words.

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