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Use Law of Attraction Find Soul Mate

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"Use Law of Attraction Find Soul Mate"
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If you're having trouble finding the love of your life, you may need to use the Law of Attraction. In her book, You Can Heal Your Life, Louise Hay describes the law of attraction and how it can help you to get what you really want in life. According to the Law of Attraction, negative thinking generally brings negative events into being. When the universe hears our negative thoughts and words, it delivers on them because it thinks that negativity is what we want. To use the Law of Attraction to find your soul mate, all you have to do is to stop thinking negatively and start thinking positively. Changing the way you think about your life, your world and yourself can transform your life.

Make a List of Your Ideal Soul Mate's Qualities

In order to get what you want through the Law of Attraction, you must have a clear idea of what that is. So sit down at a time when you won't be disturbed. Figure out what qualities your ideal soul mate might have and write them down. Don't be too materialistic or focus on the person's physical attributes too much. For example, don't try to figure out what color hair your soul mate should make or how much money they should have. Instead, write down the spiritual, mental, emotional and occupational qualities of your ideal soul mate. For example, you can certainly say that this person should be willing to make a commitment. Probably you'd like your soul mate to be smart and educated. But should this person be of the same religion as you? Perhaps you'd like to meet an artist or a writer. Maybe you'd like to hook up with somebody who wants children or who wants to travel as much as you do. After your write these things down, put them in a place that is special to you, such as a dresser or night stand drawer.

Create a Soul Mate Vision Board

Vision boards are very effective for bringing the Law of Attraction into effect. Cut out pictures from magazines that represent your soul mate. Also find pictures that depict people in love or being happy together. If you like, you can also draw your own pictures. Then cut out words, phrases or sentences that you feel affirm your desires for a soul mate. For example, look for the words "together" and "family." You can also write or draw the words if you prefer. Arrange these pictures on a board in a pattern that makes you feel good and hopeful. You can use a cork bulletin board, foam core or poster board. Use tape, tacks or glue to attach the pictures. Put the board up in a place where you will see it every day. Take time to look at the vision board every day and visualize your life with your perfect soul mate.

Replace Negative Thoughts with Positive Affirmations

To take further advantage of the Law of Attraction, take time every day to use positive affirmations. Be careful to choose only affirmations that are true and that you can believe. Choose broad, sweeping statements such as "I am a loving person." Write the affirmations down on an index card or piece of paper and place them where they are plainly visible, such as a bathroom mirror or a computer monitor. Try to say them out loud if possible. Write them down in your daily journal. Use them in the morning after awakening and in the evening before going to bed. Also, try practicing your affirmations with others. For example, try exchanging compliments with a close friend.

Take Action to Find Your Soul Mate

The Law of Attraction can work wonders in your life. However, you still won't find your true soul mate if you sit at home all day in your pajamas. You need to get out to places where you can meet new people. You must take care to go to the right places, too. For example, if you want to meet a highly creative person, a singles bar is probably not the right place to find them. Instead, join groups where creative people tend to congregate. Take an art or cooking class. Check out the local social clubs in your area. See what events are going on at your local colleges. Join a group that is related to a hobby or interest that you share. Just make sure that it's a situation where people naturally interact with people they don't know very well.

Use these techniques every day, and you will find your soul mate before you know it. Just have faith in yourself, and your fondest wishes will come true.

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