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What is Considered a Bad Home Life

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"What is Considered a Bad Home Life"
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What is considered a bad home life

A bad home life consist of many things. It can be a home where your parents are always fighting and arguing or it can be a place a child is being sexually, emotionally or physically abused. If a child is being neglected by the parents or living in a filthy environment or surrounded by danger. That qualifies as a bad home life.

Some children come from broken homes or come from homes where the mother is out on the street using drugs or she's a prostitute leaving the children home to fend for themselves or the father could be in prison and they have no one to depend on.

If a child is brought up in a loving household where both of the parents or even if it is a single parent, the child is loved and cared for correctly. Parents who have good morals raise emotionally healthy children, and the children in return have good morals. Any situation where a child is living in a dysfunctional environment is considered a bad home life.

When parents put their needs before the needs of their children it is appalling. Children need to be thought of 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Many run away teens, run away from a bad home life, they are escaping abusive parents and in most cases looking for a better environment to live in, and it is a shame that they have to think the streets are a better home life than living with their parents.

No one deserves to have a bad home life. Unfortunately, many people have come from dysfunctional environments like it. There isn't anything bad about a person who has a bad home life, it's just a situation forced upon them that otherwise, with the right help, change can happen.

Another example of a bad home life is if a child is called on to take on the duties of the parents, If a child has to take care of and raise their brothers and sisters, and if they're sacrificed in a way that takes away their childhoods or put them in a situation that keeps them from getting a proper education. Children who has parents that neglect their health, or don't care if they are getting the proper nutrition
shouldn't be in a household with parents like that, and that is also a child being brought up in a bad home life.

It is a terrible thing to know that they're children who are brought up like this, I personally have known people who were brought up in a bad home life. If anyone who reads this article know of any children living in these environments, reach out and help them, become their advocate and seek help for them. There are many organizations out there that can be contacted for help.

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