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What should a Husband do to Make his Wife Happy

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"What should a Husband do to Make his Wife Happy"
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Remember how it was when you first met your wife? During the newness of a relationship, both parties are usually on their best behavior, trying hard to impress the other. Why should that end once you're married or after you've been married for quite some time? Kindness and thoughtfulness should never fall by the wayside. A marriage needs to be worked on throughout the years. Never stop expressing your love and devotion for each other. Keep the flame lit and your wife will be happy!

Show Appreciation

Above all, every woman needs to be shown appreciation and acknowledgment for her talents, abilities and endeavors. Never take her for granted. Always remember good manners, even with your wife. Telling her "thank you" for a wonderful meal or acknowledging her accomplishments, will go a long way in making her happy and feeling appreciated. In turn, this will give her incentive and motivation to always be at her best for you.


Always be willing to listen, with genuine interest. Her thoughts, ideas and opinions are important to her. They should be important to you as well. After all, she's the one you chose to spend your life with. Why wouldn't her ideas be of importance to you? When she's able to voice her concerns or share ideas, it makes her feel important in your eyes.

Allow Her Space

We all need our personal space. Allowing your wife time to herself, is a good way for her to regenerate energy so she too, is able to be at her best for you. Sometimes a little bit of absence in a marriage makes the heart grow fonder.

Write a Note

Every once in a while, write a simple love note and place it where she'll see it first thing in the morning or where it might surprise her in the middle of her day. Every woman wants to know and feel her man has her in his thoughts throughout the day.


It goes without saying a husband should always be faithful to his wife. Nothing would make her more unhappy than to be cheated on. Women need to know they are the one and only true love of their husband's life. Never leave doubts as to where she stands in your life.


Compromise is the cornerstone of a good marriage. No one person should always be making the decisions. They should be made together, weighing out all the options in a dignified and fair manner. When one person is being demanding or controlling, it can definitely put a wedge between husband and wife. Value her opinions and input.

Tokens of Love

What woman doesn't enjoy receiving flowers or some small token of love, especially if they come out of the blue? Don't wait for just birthdays and anniversaries. It doesn't have to be the most expensive bouquet of perfect, long-stemmed roses, but a gesture as simple as a few carnations or daisies. A gift doesn't have to be diamonds, but some small item that tells her you still love her. It's an inexpensive way of letting her know she is in your thoughts and still makes your heart race. A token of love can even be something as simple as a massage or a way to pamper her after a long, hard day. It will definitely bring a smile to her face and warmth to her heart. Giving tokens of love is like giving your heart to her over and over again.

Simple gestures are very inexpensive, yet powerful and can do so much to brighten up your spouse's life. These gestures will go a long way in showing her your love, but will also keep her happy and make her feel very blessed in the marriage. In turn, she'll have more energy and desire to take care of you, fulfilling your needs as well. Taking care of one another is sure to offer a promising, happy and long life together.

While all her girl friends are complaining about their men, make sure that she has nothing to contribute to those conversations. She'll be the envy of all her friends, as will you be, the envy of yours.


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