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What should a Husband do to Make his Wife Happy

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"What should a Husband do to Make his Wife Happy"
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If the number of years married make a person an expert on this subject, I qualify. I've been married to the same man for 43 years now, and I've been both happy and unhappy. I know well what makes a wife happy.

Having three children, it's easy to say "support." But support comes in different forms. There is financial support, of course, which is probably what first comes to the mind of most people. My husband has worked hard and provided for our family over the years. Our children are grown now, and he still supports the two of us in our late middle-aged years. Financial stability goes a long way to keep a marriage together and a wife feeling cared for.

Emotional support is even more important in the long run. Emotional support is something that very many women do not receive from a husband, but which definitely makes a wife happy. Being emotionally supportive through all the phases of life is one of the most basic and important ways to make a wife happy. It includes a unified strategy for raising children, meaningful in-law relationships, mutual friends, mutual interests, a shoulder to cry on, and an ear to listen.

Communication is so important that it can make or break a marriage. When a husband takes the time to have meaningful conversations with his wife, it shows interest and concern for her as a person and brings the couple closer together. It's important to have good communications during good times and bad, even when there seems to be nothing to say.

Laugh with her! Have a little fun. Life is too short for it to be glum. Laughter is great medicine, and better yet, great preventative medicine! Staying young depends a lot on how much a couple laughs together and enjoys life. Take vacations. Go places. Have a change of scenery now and then.

Be a stand-up, take-charge guy. If a man wants to not only make his wife happy, but also feel secure, then he must take the lead. Women do not always want to have to make the major decisions in life. When a husband can take this role and make good decisions, a wife can find happiness in the amount of safety and security she feels.

Grooming doesn't have to be a big deal, but keeping up appearances is more important than some people imagine. Once dating is over and a marriage is underway, it's not a license to begin looking like a slob. A husband needs to have a sense of pride in his appearance the same way a wife does.

Don't forget small gifts. Remember the birthdays, the anniversaries, the holidays, and all of those special occasions. But it's the little unexpected gifts and remembrances that mean even more to wives. A small gift, even just cut flowers from the garden, can brighten a day and make a wife happy to have this special man as her husband.

Remain faithful. It goes without saying for many people, but in this day of easy encounters and casual relationships that can get out of control, a husband's fidelity is the most important way of all to make a wife happy. Being able to trust a husband is the best way of making a wife happy and secure in the marriage.

There are other things a husband can do to make his wife happy, and of course, a vital romantic life is important. The emotional connection that is made between husband and wife in lovemaking is crucial to a wife's happiness. Help around the house is great when it's volunteered, and of course, attention to details of maintaining a household.

But remember that nobody is going to be perfect, and everyone will have faults and failures. However, when there is a failure in any area, many times a wife can be reassured and begin finding her way back to happiness with a sincere and heartfelt "I'm sorry."

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