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When should you Give an ex a second Chance

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"When should you Give an ex a second Chance"
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When you should give an ex a second chance

Your boyfriend has come begging for your forgiveness, he knew he messed things up when he had lunch with the redhead girl from work. You had long since forgotten about this. After all, it was last summer and you've moved on since. You haven't heard from your ex in months, but he has re-surfaced, turning up like a bad penny, begging to be spent.

You chuckle at him after all of those months you haven't heard from him, you tell him he should move on with his redhead girlfriend. He tells you that he hasn't been in a relationship with her, that it was just dinner and nothing more  happened. You're shaking your head in disgust at him, and looking at your watch because you have to be to work in 20 minutes.

You are confused because you don't know what to believe at this point. However, this redhead girl confirmed it while you were buying shoes in the mall. She told you that nothing happened between her and your ex, that she was engaged to be married at the time and has since married and is expecting twins.

She's goes on to tell you that your ex is madly in love with you. Should you give him a second chance? It's all up to you. If trust is an issue between you and your ex, the relationship will end again.  If your ex is sincere about his feelings for you and you know that you're still in love with him, I believe it's wise to give him a second chance.

If a woman has a boyfriend who has abused her physically or emotionally, a second chance shouldn't be considered at all, and she should continue to keep him an ex, while she's seeking love with someone who would never hurt her. A woman who is lied to or cheated on can give her ex a second chance if he has been reformed from his lying and cheating nature. However, proof is needed.

Roses, a box of candy and saying he's sorry shouldn't buy an ex back into your life if he has not changed. Love can be strong enough for you and your ex to work things out. Couples counseling can be ideal for you and your ex if you want to give each other a second chance and you know the love is still burning in your hearts.


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