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Why a Woman should not Call a Man first to Arrange a Date

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"Why a Woman should not Call a Man first to Arrange a Date"
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A woman should not call a man first to arrange a date. This violates the nature of a man. This nature is "chasing" or " pursuing" a female.

Takes the challenge away from the man

When a woman takes it upon herself to call a man, she is putting herself at risk. This is because most women enjoy being chased by men. Most men love chasing women. It is what most men enjoy. Taking that away from the by becoming the predator does not benefit a woman. She puts herself in a position to be denied.

Won't know if the man is interested

If a woman takes it upon herself to call and arrange the date, how will she know he is genuinely interested in her or just being nice? The answer is she will not until it is too late. Most men will say yes if a woman asks them out, however it is out of hospitality some of the time. Some men will appease for the sake of being kind. At the end of the day, he will show his true colors.

Takes away her right

As mentioned before, many woman love being chased. No matter how independent or successful they are, that instinct to be desired and cherished is there and ever present. Calling a man first will take all of that away. The way one starts off is often how they finish.If you a woman starts off by calling a man to set everything up, he may expect her to do more. This could lead to her paying for everything and setting up the entire connection. Deep down, she will begin to miss the need to feel wanted. There is something so sensual and mysterious about being wanted or desired. What makes it special is when a man wants a particular woman. It turns her on and everything.

Risks coming off too aggressive

Most men do not like aggressive women. They prefer to be around someone who is more relaxed and low keyed. A woman who comes on too strong will turn a man off because he wants someone who needs him and is approachable. A women who insists on calling on the shots will not appeal to men much. Most men want to know where they fit into a woman's life. If the woman is doing everything, he won't get a chance to "fit" anything. This is what a man needs. He needs to feel needed and useful.

These are the top four reasons why women should not call men. It does not help them in the least way. It will only make them back off or accept a date to be nice. The best bet is letting them man call and initiating the interest first. Once that is done, he should be the one arranging the entire date.

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