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Why a Woman should not tell a Man she Loves him first

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"Why a Woman should not tell a Man she Loves him first"
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Sarah and Jacob have been dating for over 3 years and she feels very comfortable with him but he has never told her he loves her. He takes her out to movies and trips. Their relationship is near perfect, but it is missing something. After all, it has been a couple of years and they have a great time, so why not? She loves Jacob and feels she should tell him. However, Jacob is not in rush to say or do anything. From the looks of things, the connection could not be any better. It is just that Sarah wants one thing. She wants Jacob to tell her how much he loves her.

Many woman go through this situation with men. They want the man to take the lead and this is fine. However, it should never be by force. Here is why a woman should never tell a man she loves him first.

Take the mans duty away

Men enjoy pleasing a woman. They want to be able to put a smile on her face and such. When a man is able to step up and take charge, he fulfills his duty as a man. This makes him feel great about himself. However, when a woman aims to take charge of the entire direction of the relationship, this does not help the situation. It deprives a man of what he loves doing most and that is being a strong man.

Won't know if he feels the same way

If a woman tells a man she loves him first, she won't know if the man feels the same way. She may love him and he may be "flattered", but not totally in love with idea. He may use the woman for that. It is not emotionally safe to let a man know that. He should be the one that steps up first. This way things will be in order and the woman will not risk getting her heart broken.

Risks getting hurt

When it comes to love, it is risky. Risk and love go together like peas and carrots. There is no larger risk to take than one with your heart. When a woman takes the risk of telling a man she loves him without knowing first where he is coming from, she puts herself in a vulnerable position. One of those positions is getting hurt badly. To avoid this type of stress, the woman should not even entertain it.

In a situation like this, patience is definitely a virtue. A man who truly loves a woman is not going to waste time holding it from her. It won't be a secret. He will be happy to tell her the first chance he gets. This is true love. Action along with words convey the true message out loud.

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