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Why Children should Obey Parents fifth Commandment Life is a Gift Respect towards Parents

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"Why Children should Obey Parents fifth Commandment Life is a Gift Respect towards Parents"
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No greater gift in life can a child give their parents than obedience. Obedience shows respect and honor for the life given them. It isn't always easy to obey, since the inclinations of our heart stems from imperfect beings, but children can obey their parents to the best of their abilities.

Obedience in a child who is young and lives at home, where all his or her needs are taken care of, is the key to being successful as an adult when he or she leaves the nest. In life we all have rules we obey, so parents have been given an important role to instill within their children, all the tools necessary to become adults and eventually parents themselves. True not all homes have parents who impart good values or good living conditions, but despite this, obedience can be learned.

The importance of obedience to parents is stipulated in the Bible at Ephesians 6:1 where is says "Children be obedient to your parents in union with the Lord, for this is righteous." Also the fifth commandment was specifically designated for children, it states that children were to, "Honor their father and their mother in order that their days may prove to be long upon the ground"... Exodus 20:12. While some do not believe in the bible, the principles of thiscommandment is beneficial to all.

Sure as parents we might test the very fiber of our child's patience, we might fall many times and bruise their egos. We will make mistakes by the dozen, but despite all that, most times we err out of love for them. Our dedication and resolve for wanting the best for our children might come across as harsh, rather than an act of love. Reminding them that there might be times they will not fully understand why we parent the way we do, can help them in that moment to obey our wishes, despite their desire to rebel against them.

Even as children grow older, the need for obedience is needed. More disagreements seem to arise, as do misunderstandings. Yes, these pre-teen years and teenage years are full of varying degrees of ever changing hormones. They believe, their parents know nothing, but their friends know it all. It's good to help them to appreciate that you have far more experience in life and you're trying to direct them in a way that is for their well being. While their friends might be able to relate to the hormone shifts, they can not fully give sound advice that will ensure their safe coarse through those tumultuous years. Most times while kids might grumble and grip they'll find it easier to obey, if you acknowledge their own very real feelings.

It's only reasonable to add that mindlessly obeying is not good. If a parent directs a child in a way that is (life threatening or morally wrong) then it's okay to question that obedience, even reject doing what is asked. Especially if that child could get in trouble with the law, or hurt someone, or get hurt him or herself.

Life is a precious gift, parents are the ones that give it. They're the ones responsible for "training up a child in the way they should walk". So obedience to them is a childs gift of appreciation for that life.

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