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Why Families Grow apart

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"Why Families Grow apart"
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Why families grow apart...

*Reasons why families grow apart:

Families grow apart because of numerous reasons and I do believe the first reason is because there is so much jealousy among children, parents, and relatives. One is being so afraid of the other getting ahead of them in life and this brings on greed, gossip, jealousy, bragging among family members, which keeps an uproar going on in the family because one tries to outdo the's sad. Children, jealous of their siblings, parents, jealous of their families fortune while they're suffering from being poor and without, and one family member acquiring more than other family members, etc. When this happens, there's nothing but a family feud brewing all the time. Yes, jealousy can eat at the souls of others and cause them to say and do all sorts of things they would never do.

When family members go into business with each other, there normally will be a fall out within the family because one family member thinks the other is cheating them or getting more out of the business than they are. There are so many families feuding over their parents inheritances that all siblings are mad and fussing amongst each other. A parent will not like a man/woman their child is marrying and they'll tell them if they marry this person they're no longer welcome at home or a parent does not like the nationality their child has chosen to wed and a rift exists between them.  A daughter or son has a baby out of wedlock and the family cannot accept the fact and allow the person to get on with their life. A small spat within a family can often cause a continuous fight that will go on for years because a family member will not swallow their pride and ask the other one to forgive them.

*Parents listen up:

Parents listen up, you might have raised your children but you do not own their idenity nor do you have the right to tell them who to choose for a mate. You do not have the right to tell them your against their marriage because they are marrying someone out of their families religious realm. You do not have the right to choose the sex of your daughter's or son's sex partner, they own this too. Many parents believe they have control over their children's lives even after they are mature adults but they do not and this is a continual cause of problems between parents and children. Parents, "we" have to back away and allow our children to live their own lives and everyone will get along a lot better.


It's easy for families to be pull away from each other because each person has their own feelings and beliefs but if we could keep our thoughts and beliefs to ourselves and allow each person to enjoy what they've earned in their lives...this world would be a better place to live in. We need to get rid of the jealousy toward our families, get rid of the greed of obtaining more than the other, be willing to forgive and to forget, allow our children to choose their own mates, and be kind and loving to each other, families could have a wonderful relationship together.

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