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Why Men should Avoid Female Players

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"Why Men should Avoid Female Players"
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Female "Players" or "Professional Daters" as they are called today, are not the low life scum that people portray them to be ; rather , they are very bright and cunning. They are the fox in the hen house. They are good at skills like : manipulation, slyness, voracity and most of all ... persuasion.

How many times have you heard some old man or grandfather say, "Girl , let me tell you something . You are sitting on a gold mine and giving it away".

Women players take this statement and play it to the fullest extent. Often the girls will "troll" the Internet websites that are dating sites , looking for their next man. They approach dating in a totally different frame of mind than the lady looking for love. These predators are seeking one thing only ... what can they get with the assets that they possess.

Most women players are beautiful and dress sexy in the photos to entice the older man that is looking for a sexy girl for an "Arm-trophy". These older men look for the single, attractive ladies that they have a sexual desire for. Most of the men that the ladies target are older , above the age of fifty, and business executives. Many are fat or overweight and the lady knows they are starved for attention. The ladies are very cunning and calculating in their pursuit of these types of men.

The lady will write something very short at first or maybe just send a virtual kiss to the man to see if he is interested. From there she lets the man play the game as she just sends little innuendos to the man. She knows it doesn't take much commitment to score this man because he is hand-picked on some qualities that she knows and understands. She doesn't have to agree to anything sexual but she will send sexier pictures to the man and lead him on with hopes of sex. Sooner or later he will agree to meet her and see what she is all about.

Now the door is open for her. She knows he has an interest so she will show up in her sexiest dress and stylish clothes. Remember, these ladies are professionals at playing the game. They know what the man likes to see and they say what he wants to hear. She knows that , in the worse case scenario, she will get a free meal and night out with the man. If she shows too much interest she may scare him off but if she doesn't show enough she may not get everything she can from the man.

If it goes for three or more dates then she has to change her tactics a little . Some ladies may decide to have a sexual encounter with the man to play the game longer, especially if it seems he may make more monetary commitments. Most will have more than one man they are "Playing" and if it gets too sexual they will just drop that man and start dating another more seriously. She knows that men like this are a dime a dozen and she can replace one at any time by just sending a few letters to a few men.

So, who is to blame for this type of woman? That is a hard question to answer. Most will say , "Don't hate the player ... hate the game" but many people understand that it is a game and will try to play back. Eventually someone will get hurt because one of them will fall in love. That is what , I think, would hurt the most. I say both parties are equally at fault. If the man is over fifty years old and the girl is under thirty that should be the first red flag. In America it is not our culture to go with ladies that much younger. Yes, it does happen, but not that often.

I feel to stop this behavior the man has to use his head ... the one on his shoulders , and not be ruled by hormones and testosterone. If a young , sexy, girl writes the man he should be very leery of her. It is not to say he is going to get played, but the odds are stacked against him. He must always keep in his mind that he could be being played. He should continue to talk to her but make it perfectly clear that if they do meet the first date will be "Dutch" with each party paying their own way. If he makes this demand up front the player will usually drop him immediately ; after all, she is looking for a score, not to have to play HIS game !

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