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Why People who Talk about themselves are Annoying

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"Why People who Talk about themselves are Annoying"
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Some people are more annoying than others. It's a fact of life! And those who fall on the highly-annoying end of the spectrum often share something in common: they love to brag about themselves.

This is a case of confidence gone awry. In fact, it is usually not confidence but insecurity that drives a person to go on about their accomplishments, talents, material possessions and jobs. It is because they need to prove something that they make it a point to sell their case, and way too often at that.

The problem is that you do not necessarily want to hear someone brag about themselves. In most cases, you are turned off by such talk.

But why is it that people who brag about themselves are so annoying? Below are a few reasons.

1) People who talk too much about themselves seem self-absorbed.

It's natural to talk about yourself some of the time. But some people would readily admit that their favorite subject is themselves.

It's these people that annoy their friends and colleagues, as they come across as totally self-absorbed. While they may care how you or others are doing, it does not appear that way in what they choose to discuss.

Self-absorbed people get old very quickly. They get boring. You can only hear about them so often, and then you will tune out. There are more things in the world, after all, but they may not seem to get that.

2) It's tacky to disclose certain kinds of information about yourself.

Braggers like to tell you that they make a lot of money. They like to name drop famous or wealthy people. They have no problem telling you what kind of car they drive, especially if it is a luxurious one.

The problem is that it is often in poor taste to disclose such information to acquaintances. Some would call it flat-out tacky.

And, there is something very annoying about someone who is behaving in an obnoxious fashion. You just want them to go away!

3) People who brag about themselves want all the glory.

Enough already! While you may not say it, you are likely to think it when someone is bragging about himself to you. It just comes across as too much. This person is trying too hard, and they want all of the attention and all of the glory.

When someone is bragging like that, it makes others uncomfortable. You feel like you are being tested, yet you may not want to discuss such matters. You do not have to start talking about your achievements in comparison, but sometimes that is a natural defensive reaction.

4) You just do not care.

For the most part, someone who brags a lot is a joy kill. They are frustrating to be around. They are way too into themselves. You reach a point at which you just do not care what this person has or has not done.

People who go on about themselves are truly annoying, and on many levels. It's too bad they do not realize about themselves. Even if you told them, they would probably not pause long enough from talking about themselves to take in what you said.

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