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Why some Husbands Blame their Wives for everything

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"Why some Husbands Blame their Wives for everything"
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Some husbands have a problem taking on the responsibility of owning their own problems. They tend to take this out on their wives. There are several reasons why a man might blame his wife for everything. It is usually a controlling situation. The husband knows the best way to control his wife is to take down her self-esteem level so that she doesn’t have any self-esteem to know that she shouldn’t have to deal with what she has been having to deal with.

Unfortunately, women often allow their husbands to blame them for everything. This makes it that much easier for the husband to actually do it. It isn’t because the woman wants to be treated that way. It is because the husband has done it slowly. He starts treating her with all the respect in the world. Then when she least expects it, he starts to pick on this thing or that thing. Before you know it, the husband is blaming his wife for every bad thing that happens, even when it is clearly not her fault.

Husbands that do this to their wives are controlling. They want to control everything about his wife so he puts her down. He will tell her that she can’t do anything right. “Why did you do that?” can often be heard from the mouths of this type of husband. These husbands usually don’t have very good self-esteem themselves. He feels that he must drag his wife down with him because he wants company down in the pits. You know what they say about misery loving company. That is what is happening here.

Husbands are supposed to love their wives. When you begin to blame everything on your wife, you are not respecting her and you are not treating her as you are supposed to be. You are pushing her away because you feel bad about yourself. You think that she will stay around if she feels as bad about herself as you feel about yourself. Rest assured, if you continue to treat her that way, you just may lose the best thing that you ever had.

If you have a situation where the husband is blaming everything on the wife, it is time to seek help. The marriage is in serious trouble at this point. The wife begins to feel bad about herself and the husband likes that. What he doesn’t realize is how fast he is pushing her out the door. She will put up with it for a while, but in time, everyone has their boiling point.


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