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Why some Husbands Lose Interest in Sex

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"Why some Husbands Lose Interest in Sex"
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Sex in marriage is a very important act which naturally binds the relationship together. It is a legitimate pleasure which God has created in marriage but it must be done in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere with a sound mind.

Why should a husband feel like making any move when his wife does not look attractive to arouse his interest? When his wife is no longer keeping her shape in check, her make-up is no longer attractive and her way of dressing has totally gone down. In a situation where his wife will just tie a piece of cloth on her waist, without wearing any dress, while loitering around like a lost child. A situation where rooms as well as the kitchen area are not cleaned-up, when house flies are seen hovering around on dirty cooking pots, while dirty cloths are soaked in water for almost a week without washing.  These are things that make some husbands lose interest to demand sex from their wife unless the guy is rather helpful and assists in fixing the household chores.

However a husband who is lazy and lacks a sense of responsibility will rather go out chasing those sexy, slim and attractive young ladies who will entertain them in bed. A man who is crazy about that young and attractive lady would not mind to spend a lot of money to get her in bed. Married women should present themselves very neat and attractive enough to arouse the interest for sex. A married woman should put on sexy clothes and mini skirts to attract her husband while in the house. Men are easily attracted to what they see around. So they use their sense of seeing and touching to experiment things.

A husband who has lost his job will be very desperate looking for another job. He will not feel happy enough to make any move because there are unpaid bills which are lying on the table while schools fees are almost due. These problems will divert his interest in demanding for sex unless the wife tries to pamper him and help him to overcome some of these problems.

Nagging does not bring out the best initiative in any human being, it rather dumps the spirit of a person. A nagging wife is like a wild lion who is ready to attack at any least provocation. Wives should be very accommodating and stop being at the throat of their husbands all the time. Constant nagging can even scare her husband from coming home when he closes from work. When there is any serious issue to be discussed, a good wife has to find the appropriate time to confront him in a tactful and friendly manner.

Some husbands are reluctant to demand sex from their wife because they are not getting the satisfaction they want and so they are forced to try something else outside the marriage.  Such a husband may not always accommodate excuses from his wife, but will definitely sneak out one day to satisfy himself with another girl. And when he gets a better service elsewhere, he will always pretend as if nothing is happening while having a better deal in town. 

Some husbands lose interest in sex when they are not getting the libido to heat-up for the act. This cannot be blamed on their wife but it might be a personal problem which demands medical attention.  In this case he has to see medical attention to solve that problem.

Psychologically, some guys are confused due to depression and frustrations which actually affect their sexual behaviour.  These frustrations can come from the job they are doing or the expected contract which has kept them waiting for a long time. This means that they have to seek counseling or support to assist them to overcome these problems.

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