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Why some Women Lose Interest in Sex as they Age

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"Why some Women Lose Interest in Sex as they Age"
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What a myth we have been fed that has told us that women are not as interested in sex as their male counterparts are! Being a woman who has never experienced such a thing at all, this is a laughable statement, at best. However, I have noticed that there have been some recent changes in my desire levels as the age of forty is fast approaching. While this is in no way close to a geriatric ward for me, it is interesting to begin to see and feel the differences between the way that I felt in prior years.

Although not every woman is the same, I do believe that we have many similarities and many of them do have to do with our sexual desires and interests. The following are five areas that have changed in my own life, as well as in the lives of many other women that I know who have passed their thirties and are now experiencing many of the same things that I am myself.

First, this is an age where many women are dealing with teens and college age children. This is sometimes a very stressful time as we are trying to ensure that we are giving those beautiful babies their final flying lessons before they leave our loving nest. Even with the best of teens, there is stress and worry that can take our minds far from sex for a time.

The next thing that begins to happen as a woman approaches middle age is that her hormonal system begins to change. Even if she has not entered full-blown menopause yet, she may certainly be in the midst of peri-menopause, a precursor of sorts that can go on for quite some time.

While those early years may have been filled with romance and passion, the sad fact is that after a time, these things can begin to fade away, being forgotten. They are still quite important to most women, however, and even more so than they may have been in their earlier years. Men may not really understand that and it is up to women to let them in on the “big secret”.

There may also be other physical changes that are occurring in the woman’s body that make sex less enjoyable, without a partner who understands. As the body ages, there are various aches and pains that begin to come along. Those old positions may now be quite uncomfortable for her. With some creativity, though, the lovers can certainly try out new things that will be more comfortable and more enjoyable. She might also be more tired than she once was, so trying new times of the day is another solution.

The final thing that will be mentioned here, which can have an effect on the sexual prowess and desire of a woman is her changing body as it ages. She may not feel as sexy and desirable as she once did and this is very difficult for many women. A man that understands this can make all the difference in the world, though, as he reassures her of her beauty and his delight in her.

Often, it may seem that a woman is not wanting sex as much when she begins to age, but that may not be the case at all. It may just be that it’s time to start something new. With a loving and willing partner, this can be a new beginning, filled once again with mystery and passion.

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