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Why Women never get Married Reasons for Women to never get Married Reasons to Stay Single

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"Why Women never get Married Reasons for Women to never get Married Reasons to Stay Single"
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Some women will never get married. A number of them take the decision based on their understanding and preferences in life. Others are forced by circumstances to never say “I do.”

What are the main reasons that make many women refrain from getting married? The answer to this question is complex, just like the decision that so many women are making. Whether it is based on personal philosophy or a psychological factor, the reasons why some women never marry can be difficult to comprehend.

Unrealistic Expectations

Many women will never get married because they set unrealistic expectations. The cohabitation between two people can be difficult, sometimes even unpleasant due to the practical sides of it all.

Romantic ladies, who imagine love on the basis of novels and movies, have difficulty accepting reality. The mere fact that it will never be as perfect as the reality described in their favorite books gets these women dispirited.

Maintaining a healthy, committed relationship while holding unrealistic expectations can be exceptionally difficult. As a result, such women will have difficulties staying committed and eventually reaching the stage of getting married.

Waiting for the “Perfect Man”

Waiting for the knight in shiny armor is another reason for many women to refrain from ever getting married.

No man is ever good enough for such ladies. Understandably, everyone has faults and shortcomings. Looking for flaws in character and personality is a bad habit that forces such women to leave a relationship and to look for something better.

The quest to find the perfect man is naturally unachievable. Yet, while trying to do that many women miss their chance to be happy and loved by a man who is far from perfect but who is good enough.

Fear of Commitment and the Need to Stay Independent

Women today are growing increasingly independent. They make their own money, own their own apartments and live life the way they want to.

This striving to achieve independence makes many women question the very foundations of marriage. They fear commitment and prefer to maintain their personal freedom instead of making compromises for the sake of marriage survival.

A number of women prefer professional development over a committed relationship that can lead to marriage. They are ready for the major step later on in life or remain totally indifferent.

Fear of Making a Mistake and Past Failures

An emotional woman can refrain from getting married on the basis of past mistakes and the fear of repeating such.

Marriage implies serious commitment and the desire to spend an entire life with the same person. This decision is difficult to make and the prospects of being emotionally and eternally bound to the same person can be frightening.

Women refrain from getting married because of the fear of selecting the wrong partner and making a grave mistake. We have all experienced love failures in the past but some people react more emotionally to such. A history of romantic fiascoes can force a lady to prefer being single instead of becoming emotionally vulnerable once again.


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