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"Womanizer Player Ladies Man Ladiesman Man Mankind Human Nature Evolution Species Survival Reproduce"
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The so called "Womanizer Complex" has a more deeper meaning than what comes to mind.

A womanizer, rake, player, playboy, ladies-man, Don Juan, Lothario, stud, lady-killer, skirt-chaser, and last but not least the term Casanova have been giving the meaning a bad reputation.

So let's examine closely...who is a womanizer,what does he do,when does he do it, where does he do it, and how does he do it?

Who is a womanizer: That's simple...ANY man who loves the opposite-sex as the opposite-sex loves him back.

What does a womanizer do: He builds attraction, trust, and a bond with a woman. He knows how to push her buttons as to make her go wild for him.

When does a the game: All the time. Whoa! Now I know what you're thinking, "All the time?" ...YES. All the time, it is embedded inside the male human nature to attract a mate for the S and R value and contribute to the species. In other words, MEN have always wanted to have intercourse with as many women as they can...Why? Ask that to our early ancestors! Back in the day...way WAY WAAAAYY back in the day....the population was not as enormous as it is today,and there was danger along every corner. Why do you think mankind has always been afraid of the dark? How do you reckon dog became man's best friend? This is no coincidence,it's history. As a species our "meaning" in life (scientifically) is to Survive and Reproduce, to insure that mankind won't die out and become extinct. If you look back in our cavemen days, we really needed to survive,hence the forming of family or groups or tribes. And of course, reproduce, not many people in a tribe makes it weak and eventually die out.

Where does the womanizer do his womanizing: ANYWHERE there are healthy human females with the potential to mate.

And the last one....

How does a womanizer do the womanizing: Like any martial art, there are different methods and techniques that require skill and practice. So being a womanizer isn't a walk in the park either. A womanizer has to always polish his skills, because a man learned these skills unconsciously or consciously, either way...if you don not take an animal out to play,his skills will not be up to date and will jeopardize his survival. Why do you think when you were in elementary you had play time or recess? It's all embedded.

A not "bad" thing, there are just SOME jerks out there who give a bad name to the term. Just like in Star Wars, Jedi and Sith, they both use the same universal force, it's just the way they use it that determines if it is a bad thing or not.

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