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Women who like being Dominated

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When a woman is dominated in the bedroom by her lover, she is giving up control and that loss of control for some women is a turn-on. Why is it a turn on? I'm sure there are a lot of hormonal and chemical changes that are happening inside the body to trigger the pleasure response. However, the psychological response that women feel when they submit to their partners sexually initiates intense feelings of eroticism and it increases sexual experiences. A number of women's arousal increases when they are dominated by their partner.

Some women find masculinity erotic. Masculinity is generally characterized by women as being strong, confident, and powerful and in control. This aspect is shown in movies and or novels depicting love scenes; for example, when the main character grabs his leading lady and shoves her against the wall with his body and controls her with his kiss. The scene I just described is erotic because the man took control of the woman and the thought of a man wanting the woman intensely causes arousal in some women. To a number of women, when a man holds them tight, he is not being mean or abusive, but rather fervent, strong and desirous. What woman doesn't want her man to want her with a fiery, red hot passion that can't be contained in that moment? What woman doesn't find it exciting to know her lover needs her so badly that he must take her immediately? I want it clearly stated however, the women who like domination; like it because it's consensual.

A quantity of women find domination erotic because they feel more in tuned with their femininity. I know by this statement, I'll probably be shot, but if women who enjoy domination are honest with themselves, they would agree that being dominated by a man makes them feel feminine or at least more womanly. When a woman submits to the man, she can enjoy the passivity of the sexual experience and let her lover bring her pleasure. By the woman submitting to her lover, she becomes vulnerable and by her allowing herself to encompass that vulnerability in the bedroom the experience becomes erotic.

Another draw for women, who love to be dominated, is a bit of selfishness that plays into this type of sexual experience. I'm sure by now; you're wondering how could a man dominating a woman possibly be selfish for the woman? Isn't the man gaining the pleasure by controlling the woman? Yes, the man is gaining pleasure, but the woman is also gaining pleasure at the same time, but on an entirely different level. The man is gaining pleasure because he is quite literally playing out his masculinity and we all know how much a man's ego needs to be stroked. Women however, gain their pleasure from what the man is giving to them. In other words, in the domination scenario, by the man controlling the woman, naturally, he becomes the giver rather than the receiver. When the man dominates, his main goal is not just to control, but to bring the woman to orgasm; the ultimate control, if you will. The man controls the pace by reading the physical and emotional cues from the women to bring them to the highest form of pleasure. The man gives that pleasure and the woman willing accepts it. The couple must be in tuned with each other as lovers for the domination scenario to be a pleasurable experience for both lovers.

Domination is not just about control. Domination is a forum for the couple who enjoys these types of sexual games to use their communication skills. The man must be able to read the women and know when or if he is taking the domination too far or not far enough. The women must be able to communicate adequately to her partner if something doesn't feel good or if she needs more. The couple also should communicate before domination occurs so both people in the sexual partnership are aware of what the others limitations are. Domination isn't about humiliation; it's the ultimate form of trust, respect and communication.

Lastly, any sexual game that you and your partner would like to try or entertain must be done consensually. Both partners have to be able to express how they feel about any subject that pertains to sex. Honesty is the one quality that will increase the trust and pleasure that you will experience with your partner. Domination is erotic there is no doubt about that, but if both partners aren't willing than it changes the sexual experience to a negative. Trust each other and communicate your desires with one another and your sexual experience will rocket.

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